Corridor & shaft modules

ShaftTek products are developed for and mainly targeted at construction industry, where lowering labor intensity, shortening delivery times and increasing overall quality are today still quite challenging tasks. With this line of custom-built products Preftek integrates HVAC, sanitary, electro and sprinkler installations in distribution modules that can be safely and quickly assembled on construction sites. By integrating multiple technical disciplines, on-site assembly of distributional piping, ducting and cabling is vastly simplified. Typically, each module is between 3 and 12m in length depending on how many floors or corridor length must be covered. This method of building technical installations is very much in line with BIM, when precision design is directly used by factory, even if with some necessary modifications. ShaftTek modules are all built to suit each project and usually in close cooperation with project developers or contractors from early stages.

  • Multiple integrated technical disciplines
  • Reduced labor-related cost, quality and injury risks
  • Full integration with BIM design
  • Easy installation thanks to project suited design
  • 100% customizable and built to suit each project
  • Distributional piping, ducting, cabling solved in prefab way

ShaftTek prefabricated corridor & shaft modules

Distributional piping, ducting and cabling built in a modular way. Majority of project related risks reduced, but increased quality and speed. All modules are custom-built depending on project parameters.