Water filtering/cleaning units

Prefabricated and ready-to-connect CleanTek filter units can easily be applied within heating or cooling systems. Standard units come in 2 types of piping quality: black steel P235TR1 (typical for heating systems) and stainless steel AISI316 (typical for cooling systems). CleanTek units are designed as standard products and available in different performance ranges, but can easily be adjusted according to project parameters such as pipeline sizes, filter mesh size and other necessary layouts.

  • Compact size for an easy logistics and installation
  • Space and time savings during on-site installation
  • Completely mounted on frame with adjustable feet
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Good access to components for periodic maintenance
  • Customizable to project parameters, pipe sizes, necessary layouts

CleanTek heating/cooling system filter units

Ready-to-connect filter units are dedicated for using in heating or cooling systems. Filter units include both standard as well as customizable product range i.e., customizable pipe sizes, filter meshes, connection points.