Modular plants

100% modular plants are most complex and most high-tech usually built as custom units in the Preftek model range. Modular units are perfect solution when building heating and cooling centrals. It is a more technically integrated, better developed, more space-efficient and requiring less participants when building such plants solution. ModulTek solutions do not only offer a technically better alternative to building a plant, but also architecturally attractive solution with limitless exterior décor possibilities and variations. ModulTek plants start their range from single, double or triple module units and can be built up to consist of dozens of modules that are stacked sideways or on top of each other. Modular plants can be built both inside the buildings as well as for pure external use, which is typically preferable due to construction cost savings or better applications for interior space consumption.

  • Compact and optimized size
  • All-in-one, plug-and-play design
  • Factory quality
  • Shortest on-site installation time
  • Customized and appealing exterior design
  • Multi-module units stacked sideways or vertically

ModulTek heating/cooling plants

Modular heating and cooling plants offer a plug-and-play alternative to traditional on-site assembly. It is a more technically integrated as well as architecturally appealing alternative. Once shipped from factory, minimum on-site presence is needed. ModulTek units include modular steel frames, hydraulicly optimized piping system, energy generation units and factory automation.