Shunt groups

Ready-to-connect ShuntTek shunt groups are dedicated for radiator, floor heating and ventilation systems; kombi shunt groups - for supplying heat and cold to the ventilation units as well as combined heating/cooling systems; heat recovery shunt groups – for heat recovery systems and mainly ventilation aggregates with separate coils. These factory assembled units provide accurate temperature control of the medium coming from a primary network system. Standard units consist of fully welded black steel P235TR1 pipe materials for heating and AISI316L stainless steel for cooling. Shunt groups are wall mounted, while kombi shunts and heat recovery shunts are floor mounted. ShuntTek units are equipped with high quality and world recognized components, that ensure high performance during operation time.

  • Compact sizes for easy logistics and installation
  • Space and time savings during on-site installation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Complete with pumps, control valves and actuators
  • Available in left-hand and right-hand versions
  • Custom units can be delivered under customers’ spec

ShuntTek shunt groups

Wall mounted shunt groups are dedicated for radiator, heated floor and ventilation systems. Enable accurate temperature control. Black steel shunt groups have fire and corrosion proof cases with mineral wool.


ShuntTek kombi shunt groups

Floor mounted kombi units supply heating and cooling to ventilation units, combined heating/cooling systems. Black steel P235TR1 on heating and AISI316L stainless steel on cooling side units provide accurate temperature control.


ShuntTek heat recovery shunt groups

Heat recovery shunt groups suit for heat recovery systems and ventilation units with separate coils. Black steel P235TR1 units are floor mounted. Can be bought both as standard as well as custom built units.