Customized products

Philosophy of Preftek is all about turning on-site-built technical installations into modular factory produced products. Therefore, apart from main categories that are expected to be prefabricated, Preftek undertakes a vast array of customized tasks where customers want factory products, yet these products are not deliverable by standard product manufacturers. Customized product section mostly deals with various container type and built-on-frame type solutions that interconnect different technical disciplines like piping, cabling and automation.

  • Possibility to take on any non-standard prefab-related task
  • Technical installations converted to modular products
  • Integration of multiple technical disciplines
  • Container solutions
  • Built-on-frame solutions
  • Modular solutions

Preftek customized products

Foreseeing opportunities to utilize modularity and prefabrication hides great returns. In this product lineup, Preftek team works together with customers to develop custom products for utmost specific applications. Modularity, simplicity, efficiency – customized.