Energy skids

EnerTek energy substations for heating or cooling systems are used when heating or cooling network conditions, such as temperature or pressure, do not allow direct connection to primary systems. Heat exchanger ensures that the primary supply side and the secondary installation side are safely separated. The standard unit can be chosen between 2 types of piping quality: black steel P235TR1 or stainless steel AISI316L. All components are mounted on rigid floor frame, which provides robust mounting. These products are exclusively built from high quality and world recognized components, that ensure high operational performance. Substations are equipped with Grundfos (alt. Wilo) circulation pumps, Kelvion or SWEP heat exchangers, Belimo or Siemens control valves, Flamco and Reflex water treatment systems. EnerTek substations are offered within a standard product range, but can also be easily adjusted according to the particular project parameters, such as different heating/cooling output, circulation pump flow and head rates as well as piping sizes.

  • Compact size for easy logistics and installation
  • Space and time savings during on-site installation
  • Completely mounted on frame with adjustable feet
  • Good access to components for periodic maintenance
  • Standard range with choice of pump and heat exchanger capacities
  • Customizable range to project parameters, pipe sizes, mounting locations

EnerTek heating/cooling substations

Used for energy transfer from primary to secondary heating/cooling systems. Made of black steel P235TR1 or stainless steel AISI316L. Compact sizes and fully customizable ranges.


EnerTek heating/cooling substations with distribution branches

Include manifold with branches for sub-systems on single frame. Heat exchanger capacity, circulation pump flow and head rates, pipeline sizes, number of sub-system branches are custom selected.


EnerTek modules for snow melting or heat dumping

Subcentrals are used when two different types of flow mediums must be used (e.g. water, glycol), while most common applications - snow melting or heat dumping systems via drycoolers.