Pipe spools

A pipe spool refers to a section of a piping system that is prefabricated as smaller segments. When projects include piping with diameters above DN65 it makes sense to replace on-site welding or coupling with factory welded piping spools. By utilizing pipe spool technology, one solves shortage of highly skilled craftsmen problem and makes on-site installation much faster as well as reduces peak manpower. Pipe spool ends can be selected as straight-cut for welding, grooved for coupling connections or with flange connections.

  • Shorter project delivery times
  • Reduced peak of manpower
  • Less top-skill craftsmen needed
  • Easy to arrange logistics
  • Variety of spool ending options
  • Ready to directly install on site

Preftek pipe spools

Manufactured as a better alternative to regular on-site installation of piping systems above DN65. Pipe spool ends ready for welding, coupling or flange connections. Short delivery times and easy installation.