Prefab as our mission

Prefabrication is our deep passion and long-term mission – we believe that reaching 100% prefab degree on various piping related systems is doable! Construction and other industries that deal with piping will greatly benefit from further and deeper prefabrication of systems. We develop and manufacture piping related prefab solutions, so that technical installations become more standardized, modularized and of much higher quality. From countless delivered projects we know how useful all prefab benefits are and how to share these with the world!


Standard products

Part of Preftek business consists of developing, manufacturing and selling standardized products like shunt groups, accumulation tanks, district heating substations and pump units. This range provides our customers with reliable products for standard applications, where more or less no consulting and custom development is needed. All standard products you can find at Products menu section.


Custom projects

Greater share of Preftek business is focused on custom projects where deep involvement from Preftek engineers and consultants is needed. Typically, such projects have interconnected systems and complex interdisciplinary solutions, where top level know-how and engineering skills are needed to prefabricate in a modular way. Examples of such projects would be modular heating/cooling plants, corridor and shaft modules with piping, ducting as well as cabling. For custom project prefabrication, Preftek is a very strong partner!


Team and facilities

Core of Preftek team consists of engineers, prefab project managers, sales engineers and of course factory floor workers that allow prefab products to come to life in top quality. All this family is united under deep passion for prefabrication. Engineering and production facilities are located in EU, Lithuania, Kaunas - a city which is best known for its numerous population of engineers that are born at Kaunas University of Technology as well as charming location between two rivers.


Achieving top quality is our promise as well as a systematic way of performing works. Be it engineering, supply sourcing or welding and manufacturing, everything is run in an internationally certified and structured way.



Preftek is exports-focused manufacturer that serves European markets.